1. What if I accidentally stain the dress?
We understand that clothing mishaps are not uncommon. Minor stains and nicks will be taken care of by RAC free of charge.

2. I have never rented the clothes and accessories. I doubt about hygiene and cleaning part?
At Rent A Closet, we believe hygiene is key to the renting decisions you make. For this reason, we have a rigorous dry cleaning/sanitizing process in place. We also hold regular consultations with laundry experts to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness at our end.

3. What modes of payment do you accept?
We accept bank transfer and Cash on Delivery.

4. What if the dress I order doesn’t fit?
If the alteration of the dress is as per the size and fit given by the customer and it doesn’t fit, then on the second alteration we will charge extra whereas if the mistake is from our end then we will get it fixed within 24 hours.

5. How long is a rental?
We have two rental plans as of now where you can keep the outfit for 3 or 6 days in which the rental charges varies. Stay tuned for more updates!.

6. Can I use more than one coupon on an order?
Sorry, our system only accepts one coupon at a time. Coupon codes cannot be combined.

7. What if I have queries regarding Billings?
We welcome all your queries at +91-9999796087 or email us on [email protected]

8. Oops! I placed an order for a red dress but I want the pink dress now? How can I make changes to my order?
It’s easy. You may press the cancel button within 24 hours of placing the order.
Your Order will be immediately canceled.
Once your order is canceled you can place a fresh new order again.

9. Is there any documentation required for renting the products?
Yes. While renting our luxury products, our delivery person may request you to provide an ID proof.

10. What if I damage the product?
If the product is damaged beyond repair or if we never receive the product from you, you would have to pay an amount equivalent to 200% of the MRP.

11. Do I need to iron the dress myself?
For the love of a wrinkle-free garment, we freshly steam-iron the garment before we deliver it to you. In case you feel it requires more ironing, please contact the Rent A Closet stylist for advice.

12. What do I get if I refer a friend?
Refer your friend and earn 10 extra points on the first transaction of a referral.

13. How can I reach Rent A Closet?
Your complaints, suggestions, and queries are welcome at +91-999796087 or [email protected] or you can post your query by filling up the Contact Us form.

14. I am a happy customer. How do I appreciate you?
You are most welcome to write about your experience with Rent A Closet on our social media pages: Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. You may also send us an email describing your experience and even a picture of you in our dress/ accessory. We will be happy to feature it on our website — with your permission, of course.

15. What happens if I return an item that I bought using a coupon or discount code?
Discounted Items are non-refundable

16. What if I get stuck while I’m trying to place an order?
We regret the inconvenience. Here’s what you could do. Call us on +91-999796087 or Email us on [email protected], our team will get to work at earliest.

17. Do you deliver in my area?
Currently, we operate only in Delhi/NCR and Punjab.

18.How do I change my shipping address, date or time after I have already placed my order?
Please email us on [email protected] call us at +91-999796087. Please note in such case you have to inform us at earliest as once the order is dispatched, we will not be able to change the address.

19. Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, we do.

20. Do I need to return the packaging with products?
Yes. We request you to retain the packaging and return the same along with the product to our delivery person.

21. If I pay for an outfit via Cash on Delivery, how will I get security refund back?
Security amount will be refunded back to your bank account within 24 hours or you can pick it up from our store.

22. How do I segregate my favorite products from rest?
You can always mark the product you choose as favorite and add it to your wishlist by clicking on the heart symbol.

23. I am planning to rent a dress for my friend’s wedding which is on 10th of next month, from when should I reserve my dress?
We recommend you to make a reservation 2 weeks prior to any event. Once you go for a reservation, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email id. Besides, our customer support executive will call you for a verbal confirmation.

24. Does RAC allow shipping to multiple addresses?
We ship to multiple addresses through our logistics partner.