How to live glamorously by being a minimalist: Could Renting Outfits be the answer!

Fridays, Fashion & Fajitas; these are a few words that millennials live by! It’s all about being in the moment, trying the latest trends and seizing the day.

The fast paced lifestyle of today has lead to the minimalist movement, which has given us an important and useful fashion trend! ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ is the buzzword that’s been going around for the past few months and we are here to breakdown the how’s and why’s so that you can make the best of this trend!

How it emerged?

It is no secret that with fashion changing even faster than seasons (yes, these days trends last even lesser than a full season), it has lead to major over consumption and over production of lifestyle and fashion goods! Therefore, to bring balance and harmony back to the system, the concept of minimalism emerged.

There has been a new wave of rational behaviour which promotes least wastage and most usage. This phenomenon is fairly new, but over the years it has been responsible for the emergence of ‘Capsule Wardrobes’.

rent outfit

Having a capsule wardrobe means stocking the absolute essential pieces of clothing which are classy, won’t go out of fashion and can be worn and clubbed with other seasonal garments to put together an outfit for different occasions.

rent outfit

The first designer to ever adopt this concept was Donna Karan, she popularized it by designing an entire collection called ‘7 easy pieces’ where the models were all dressed in bodysuits and black tights and then started clubbing other garments like wrap skirts, trousers & shorts to show how those 7 essential pieces could be used interchangeably to create new style.

This concept is based on the foundation of the popular saying, “less is more” as opposed to what we have previously been conditioned to thinking, that if the clothes aren’t overflowing from our cupboard, we obviously need more.

Can renting be the solution to achieving a minimal wardrobe?

The key to minimalism is owning less and cutting out the excess! Renting clothes can play a huge role in helping one achieve the perfect wardrobe that includes only the most versatile and classic pieces that can be worn and styled again and again.

rent outfit

For those special occasions when you need the perfect dress or a heavy lehenga, choosing to rent rather than buy can be the decision that saves most money and closet space. It is your most dressy outfits that tend to be stuck in the back of the wardrobe unused and these outfits usually make up for most of the clutter minimalists want to get rid of!

Renting an outfit allows you to be a stunning diva without having to burn a hole in your pocket and still maintain your capsule wardrobe, guilt free! It allows you to invest more on experiences, on people and on yourself for a happier life!

rent outfit

P.S – If your are a millennial, no more, mom’s nagging about cleaning your rooms,wardrobe and so on! Start building your cool capsule wardrobe and put it on the gram! For all those parties and family functions, count on us for the stunning outfits.