Celebrity Siblings with Impeccable Wardrobes

There are siblings who are connected purely by blood and then there are those who are not just bonded by love but also by style. Be it partying together, attending work events or holidays, these Bollywood sister duos do everything in style! There is nothing better than having a sister that can be your fashion sounding board and can take your wardrobe from one to two. 

These fashionable B-town sisters top our best dressed list and we absolutely love their styles. Check it out yourself. 

To have a good stylist is a boon but to have one of the best stylists in the country as your sister is bliss! Rhea plays stylist, sister and best friend to Sonam. Every best fashion list in India has Sonam in it and most of her followers on social media are fashion savvy girls who look up to her as an inspiration. While Sonam is a style chameleon wearing everything from suits to gowns, Rhea is the pants and jacket kind of girl putting comfort over everything else. They’re soon coming up with their own label that will bring stylish clothes to the everyday girl

Sibling Sonam Kapoor Style

These two gorgeous Kapoor sisters have great lineage and brilliant genes. With acting in their blood and great looks being a part and parcel of being a Kapoor, Kareena and Karisma have developed their own individual style over the years. Karishma is always perfectly turned out with a love for classic pieces like white shirts, blouses in every shade and cigarette pants. Styled by Tanya Ghavri, Kareena loves comfortable sweatpants and vests when she’s not working while on the red carpet, she is a Manish Malhotra loyalist, often seen in saris, midi dresses and gowns by him! Karishma reigns our screens and hearts till this day while her baby sister started her success story at the turn of the millenium and is still going strong. Karishma has a figure to die for and the Nawabi Begum Kareenais no less either. This blue-eyed sister duo is an encouragement for many! 

Sibling Karina Kapoor Style

These glamorous ladies with envious figures- Malaika Khan and Amrita Arora are like two peas in a pod. This sister duo, surely does know how to dress for every occasion. Take inspiration from Malaika Arora’s body skimming dresses for party ready looks or learn a thing or two from Amrita’s party style! 

Sibling Malika Khan Style

This celebrated sister duo of Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty are BFF and share a high-end style together. The Shetty sisters stay in the spotlight for their fashion picks whether they are vacationing, shopping or attending weddings together. They are always trend-coordinated and their unbreakable bond is also reflected in their color synchronization many a times. 

Sibling Shilpa Style

One is a bona fide style star and the other is fast catching up; for these first cousins who are extremely fond of each other, good style came after much practice and experimentation. Parineeti recently lost weight to opt for a healthier body. Her go-to style has always been jeans and midi dresses. Priyanka has been a fashion sensation all over the world and is mostly spotted wearing bodycon midis, trousers, crop tops,maxi and lehengas dresses

Sibling Priyanka Chopra Style