Bid Farewell in Style. Rent Farewell Sari

Let’s be honest, we never want to bid farewell to our school or college. They are the most carefree years of our life and rightly so. But this grey cloud comes with a pretty, bright silver lining!

The much awaited farewell season is around the corner and it’s time to channel your inner diva! Deciding what to wear is one of the biggest decisions we can take at 18 and we don’t want to look back at our farewell pictures and regret now, do we? (P.S – hundreds of pictures you can’t escape on Instagram and Facebook).

In this blog, we provide you the guide to get the perfect sari so that you can bid farewell to your alma mater in style! Find one that fits your campus personality and be remembered as the girl who aced the farewell look!

1. Miss Goodie Two Shoes: Secretly an introvert who is shy with a hint of reserved, we love you girl! You’ve always taken your time to open up and we respect that! But needless to say, once you did, we all fell in love with how amazing of a friend and person you were! Your sense of practicality and sophistication go hand in hand, that’s why this Varun Bahi sari with subtle undertones of glamour and elegance is perfect for you, just how you like it!

Rent farewell sari

Pair it with gorgeous earrings and you are ready to slay the farewell like a pro!

2. The Mischievous Tomboy: The tomboy who always chose sneakers over heels, while rest of the girls were sobbing watching The Notebook, you were busy having an adrenalin rush while watching the Hunger Games! The one who was on the basketball team, you were never one for the girly pinks and pastels.

Rent farewell sari

All our beloved tomboys saying “isn’t it a little too much?”, it isn’t! This Riddhima Bhasin sari is just the right choice to balance your feminine side while keeping your tomboy persona intact.

3. The Queen Bee: They hate you, they love you, but you can’t ever ignore you! You were a born queen, a leader and we have always admired that about you. In fact we have always been just a tad bit jealous of you. From being everyone’s favourite to being the popular girl in school, you have done it all & we commend you for that!

Rent farewell sari

We realize the importance of this farewell for you and hence bring you this, Simran Arya sari to make sure you once again are the talk of the school!

4. The Stylish Diva: You always knew how to make the boring school uniform into a stylish outfit! There was something about the way you wore even the most basic clothes with such style and panache. Everyone wanted to know what you wore, from where you got it and stalked the market to find outfits just like yours! You will always be our first inspiration to dress well!

Rent farewell sari

This Gaurav Gupta sari is the epitome of glamorous edge and we are sure you will know just how to style it to slay this super memorable day of yours! An embellished clutch and minimalistic accessory with this would do the trick!

5. The Feminine Girly Girl: School rules never stopped you from flaunting that pretty pink nail paint and your perfectly made hair! Always conscious of the angles in the selfie, you are the preppy and girly girl of your class. You know the power of pink more than any other and you are not afraid to flaunt your ultra-feminine personality.

Rent farewell sari

This Varun Bahl sari looks like it’s made keeping you in mind! The one where your charming girliness is highlighted with just the right colour palette and print! Don’t forget to flaunt a cute bracelet with this sari and surprise us with your accessories! We hope you graduate on top of your class with your fashion game on point!

We hope you graduate on top of your class with your fashion game on point!